Onaya Security technology that attracted the attention of Japanese top executives

Shigeo Tsujii


Security authority in Japan

Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology Chairman of the Secure IoT Platform Council

Associate Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1971, Professor in 1978. Retired in 1994, professor emeritus, professor at Chuo University. President of the Institute of Information Security in 2004, retired in 2008.

Centered on the Tsujii Award Steering Committee, Japan Security Management Society, Institute of Information Security, Computer Security Study Group of the Information Processing Society, Japan Network Security Association, electronic information communication Shigeo Tsujii Security Student Paper Award, Shigeo Tsujii Security Paper Award.etc there is..

Dr. Tsujii, who was looking for a new security that had never been seen before, called the Onaya and conducted a three-day hearing about the technology. As a result, the teacher finally said:

"Onaya-kun, with this technology, you don't need virus companies all over the world! There was such a way of thinking.However, no one is doing it. Lastly, I would like to tell you that the security of the world, including Japan, has not evolved in the last 40 years. "

Received the MCPC Award 2016 Security Committee Special AwardAward 2016

An unusual award for a person other than the members of almost all major IoT-related companies in Japan.Recognized for achieving the world’s first security technology.

MCPC Award

Established in 1997 as an organization that promotes the spread of mobile computing across industries. The managing companies are NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, Sharp, Softbank, Toshiba, NEC, and Hitachi. There are 43 regular members, including SONY, Kyocera, Fujitsu, Denso, Trend Micro, and Mitsubishi. 110 supporting members. 30 groups of mutual cooperation members. 10 worldwide cooperative organizations.

Issues requested by the Secretary-General of MCPC from the Cabinet Office.

“Onaya-kun, the future of IoT is bright with this technology.
I saw hope, thank you, please apply. ”

1)Leakage of personal information from smartphones.
2)Strengthen IoT security.

As a solution to these problems, Onaya’s patented technology was recognized and won the award.


Document downloads


Document downloads

We explain our security technology.

We explain the past performance and patents of our security technology.

existing security is breached
Due to unauthorized access or copying
Even if the data is taken out

The data you brought out
Can only be viewed by the person on their own device

In other words, even if it is illegally taken away,
How it becomes just garbage data



Even if you are the president, you are a slave to the administrator in the system.

have almighty authority
Breaking away from centralized system management

The device-based mechanism is
Safe, secure, and fair future security

No master key or backdoor
That’s SONAYA’s security

In the era of RSA, which is vulnerable to spoofing
It’s finally time to put an end to it

No need to manage authentication keys
Manage authentication

Through authentication between connected devices
Next-generation authentication infrastructure that is resistant to spoofing

SONAYA patented technology that changes the world